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Chances are that unless you have designed your home from the ground up, there are things that you would like to change about it. As a homeowner, renovations are inevitable at some point. The good news is that with a quality contractor much of the high cost and inconvenience that used to plague renovations are now in the past. Homeowners are constantly looking to either maximize the available space in their home or add new space. We naturally gravitate towards having an abundance of space as opposed to cramped quarters. Sometimes this can be accomplished by simply redesigning an existing room - moving around furniture or in other cases maximizing space with the removal of a non-load bearing wall between two adjoining rooms. Kitchens can be enlarged, dining rooms can be expanded, bedroom size increased. In most cases adding an entirely new addition makes sound financial sense - both in terms of providing the largest amount of needed space balanced by the investment in the added value it brings to a home.
The Right Contractor Saves You Time and Money

Should the need arise for a new home addition it pays to do your homework when choosing the right contractor. It is quite simply the most important part of any renovation. It can mean the difference between a rewarding renovation experience or a nightmarish one. With the abundance of contractors available in Toronto and the GTA, choosing the right one for your needs can be both a daunting and complicated task. Modular Home Additions has modernized the process of home additions to the point where designing and installing your home addition is quicker, easier and less expensive than ever before.
Industry-Leading Innovation and Quality

Choose the renovation company that specializes in meeting your home addition needs in a budget friendly manner. Add to that a solid reputation of professional service and quality workmanship. Rest assured with a four year warranty on all structural work. Modular Home Additions accomplishes this by manufacturing and constructing up to sixty percent of your addition off-site in a climate controlled facility. This keeps the building costs low, minimizes weather-related building delays, and keeps any disruptions to you and your family low and manageable.
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